AKU guarantees the quality of our hunting boots through a rigorous quality control and testing program performed throughout the production process - from the raw materials all the way to the finished product. This is all done to ensure the most demanding of users will stay comfortable, protected and in the field for as long as they desire. We use only the highest quality leather, Gore-Tex membranes, and rugged Vibram soles to ensure you are equipped with a top quality product that not only is a piece of gear, but also a part of the experience.

      11 items

      11 items


      ELICA technology is an integrated system consisting of the last, insole board, and outsole creating an anatomical shape that properly distributes your weight through each step. With evenly distributed weight your feet stay more comfortable for longer letting you go further and enjoy your time in the outdoors more. 

      ELICA Technology is exclusive to AKU and is integrated into every pair of hunting boots.


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      Premium Quality

      AKU guarantees the quality of its hunting boots through rigorous quality control and testing. With only the highest quality materials and construction used to ensure every pair of boots reaches your doorstep ready to take on your next outing.  

      Rugged Durability

      Thanks to collaborations with Vibram and Gore-Tex our hand built boots only use premium materials. You can have confidence that your boots will take you on a lifetime of adventures over the most rugged terrain. 


      Stay in the field longer, travel further and see more. AKU's lightweight hunting boots are both waterproof and breathable keeping your feet dry and comfortable over the long haul.