Rock DFS GTX - Men's - AKU Outdoor CA
Rock DFS GTX - Men's - AKU Outdoor CA
Rock DFS GTX - Men's - AKU Outdoor CA
Rock DFS GTX - Men's - AKU Outdoor CA
Rock DFS GTX - Men's - AKU Outdoor CA

Rock DFS GTX - Men's


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The Rock DFS GTX - Men's is Listed in US Men's Sizes

To get the appropriate fit for the best performance we recommend ordering a 1/2 size smaller from your normal AKU boot size.

Why We
Made This...

Designed to go from trail to rock with precision and comfort

The DFS Rock collection uses a ground breaking Dual Fit System (“DFS”) to give you both maximum comfort during your approach and high performance fit while climbing and scrambling. The Rock DFS has two separate lace zones that utilize lightweight webbing that wraps around and under your foot which enables you to customize your shoe for the fit you want. The Rock DFS midsole incorporates a lightweight EVA foam for cushioning and a polyurethane heel for durability and support. The midsole is then wrapped with sticky climbing rubber to protect your shoe and to provide extra grip. Together with a Vibram Approcciosa sole with Megagrip, the resulting Rock DFS offers a high-performance approach shoe for all day comfort.

How We
Use This...


Keep your feet dry in all conditions with the integrated waterproof GORE-TEX Performance Comfort membrane.    

The VIBRAM Approach sole is designed to make quick work of trails while giving also giving you the confidence to edge and smear on your climb.

ELICA Technology ensures an anatomical fit to provide better stability and weight distribution across your boot sole to reduce pressure points and encourage better hiking form.


  • Lining Description: Waterproof GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort
  • Sole: VIBRAM® Approach
  • Footbed: Ortholite Hybrid
  • Lasting board (stiffness): Soft Flex
  • Midsole: Dual Density EVA & PU
  • Upper: 1.6mm Suede Leather, Air 8000 & Microfiber
  • Weight: 380 Grams per Shoe


Customer Reviews

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Jason Martin
AKU 21

These shoes are promoted as a type of sticky rubber climbing shoe. To be clear, the rubber is not sticky. It doesn't perform like the Guide Tennie. That said, the shoe is a nice trail show...

Mathew Thomsen
Great Shoe

My first impression of the shoe was very good. They are really well made. After around 40 miles of hiking and scrambling in the Sierra Nevada mountains I am even more impressed. They have held up really well and are very comfortable. The Vibram rubber is good, but not as sticky as other more rock climbing shoe rubber, but the durability makes up for that. I also like the lacing system. It is nice to tighten them up quickly when needed.

I feel like they run a little on the big size. I think next time I will down size, half a size. The size I got are good for normal hiking, but when it gets to forth class into easy fifth, I would like a tighter fit.

The Gore-Tex is also very water proof. I have done many creek crossing and my feet have stayed dry.

Overall, I will be recommending this shoe to others. It is great.

Rock DFS GTX Review

I'm now onto my second pair of AKU boots - the newly released Rock DFS GTX approach shoe.
Starting from the bottom - the new Vibram sole is frankly excellent - very sticky on smooth river boulders and grippy on dusty trails.
The midsole is very cushy though this where I'd offer some advice on improving - notably adding a tiny bit more stack height/cushioning in the forefoot. Also - not sure if this shoe has a TPU rock plate but you can feel stones underfoot a tad. Nothing painful, and some people will enjoy the sensitivity underfoot.
The Ortholite footbed is the other aspect of this shoe I'll be watching. It seems a bit on the flimsy side. Though very soft and breathable - I suspect it will pack down fairly quickly. If Aku dropped a thicker footbed in they could probably keep the midsole as-is for supreme comfort.
The uppers are amazing in every way - will be curious how the very thin laces fare over time - but these are easy to replace.
Overall - a very light (but substantial) approach shoe. I especially like the fact Aku added more width in the front for a bit more toe splay than the Tengus. This creates more stability and the same time increases comfort. Sizing-wise - fits exactly like my Tengus - so perhaps downsize a half size from Sportiva or Scarpa. I've only scrambled around on bit boulders at the local crag so can't really comment on the dual-lacing system other than to say it's legit and well-designed. I appreciated the tiny elastic keeper cord for the orange laces - keeps them out of the way.
Great job Aku!!!!!