NS 564 Spider II - AKU Outdoor CA
NS 564 Spider II - AKU Outdoor CA
NS 564 Spider II - AKU Outdoor CA
NS 564 Spider II - AKU Outdoor CA
NS 564 Spider II - AKU Outdoor CA
NS 564 Spider II - AKU Outdoor CA
NS 564 Spider II - AKU Outdoor CA
NS 564 Spider II - AKU Outdoor CA
NS 564 Spider II - AKU Outdoor CA
NS 564 Spider II - AKU Outdoor CA

NS 564 Spider II


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The NS 564 Spider II is Listed in US Men's Sizes.
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Why We
Made This...

Designed To meet the needs of special forces in urban to technical environments

Originally designed for the U.S Navy Seals and Green Berets Special Forces, the NS 564 Spider II adds additional protection with the integrated rubber two rap. The NS 564 Spider is a multipurpose highly breathable boot with outstanding support, stability and impact absorption. Recommended for any tactical unit that needs a precise, technical boot in urban to rocky terrain. The specially designed Vibram Spider sole rubber compound offers optimum grip even on wet surfaces and in situation where extreme adherence and the total control are required. Perfect when carrying heavy loads or undertaking more arduous duties.

How We
Use This...


From pavement to trails the Vibram Spider sole is perfect for sensitive tactical applications.

AIR 8000
With a focus on comfort and breathability the AIR 8000 upper fabric allows for added breathability so you can stay hotspot free all day.

ELICA Technology ensures an anatomical fit to provide better stability and weight distribution across your boot sole to reduce pressure points and encourage better posture and movement form.


  • Sole: VIBRAM Spider Tactical Sole
  • Footbed: AKU Custom Fit Insole
  • Lasting board (stiffness): 4-2MM Nylon & EVA For Responsive Movement
  • Midsole: Die Cut EVA
  • Upper: 1.8MM Suede & Knit Synthetic Material with Air8000
  • Upper Protection: 360Degree Bycast Rand
  • Weight: 480 Grams per Boot
  • Made in Europe


Customer Reviews

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Kris M.
NS 546 Spider ll

This is my 3rd pair of Spider approach boots. I also had the Pilgrims. AKU has always been my favorite boot. Comfortable right out of the box, great craftsmanship and materials.

Great boots

Very light weight but still feel like the provide pretty good support for a lower cut boot. Very breathable and they drain and dry incredibly quickly. I am on my second pair and use them as a summer duty boot seeing both urban and bush.

Lightweight and Resilient - the complete package.

I've just started to use the 564 Spider boots and they've prompted a greater appreciation for AKU's tactical line. I wear a similar pair of AKU's as my usual go-around boots and I've worn them for everything from stacking wood to sitting for deer. Tactical boots aren't just for military or law enforcement. When you need to throw on a pair of boots and go recover your dog who's on a neighborhood walkabout or smash ice dams off the roof, a good pair of tactical boots can't be beaten. These fit securely, have excellent traction and stability, and are more durable than other footwear options. From a few wearings, it's clear these boots have all the features I expect from AKU's tactical line, but in a lighter and more precise fit.