Christian McLeod

I plan to always do what I love to do

“I didn’t want to be the guy who only looks forward to the weekends. I wanted to be the guy who looks forward to every single day.”— Christian McLeod

Originally from the Rockies, I've grown up around amazing landscapes. But moving to Ireland, when I was young, sprouted my love for photography.
Being a surfer naturally led me to bring the camera to the ocean, where my photography career slowly began. From writing articles and taking images of my trips with friends for the UK magazine, all the way to travelling to different parts of the world to document adventure work for large brands.
Having a very photo-journalistic approach from travelling with surfers and lifestyle companies has structured my style which is something I always pride my work on.
I plan to always do what I love to do, and make the most of the opportunities in front of me, and believe this can be seen in my work.

home... to us

Leaving your home is always hard to do but when it’s done, and when you are out of your sweet cushioned comfort zone, you become alive.
Hearing, and yet barely seeing your surroundings. Leaning on the sense of touch-less-sight. The salt infused air, brushes by your face as you stream through the sea, while sails shake with unnerving thumps. Splashes off the bow bring a base-full sound to a baltic night. As time sways and the sun begins to rise, reds, yellows, life and light enlighten my vision. Leaving a sense of lust for the lonesome, absorbing the present and relinquishing the lost.
When you make a decision, you run a fine line dividing getting nothing and getting everything, you never land in between. And when making the decision, you have to follow your heart, or your gut, whichever hurts more.
Some say to set aside the paths of the stray. I say go where you shouldn’t, pick the path your soul seeks. Picking the path of least resistance is easy, but it might not always be the right path. Again, you won’t know til you take the step.

When you do something that hasn’t been done before or is rarely tried, you tend towards failure more often than success, which is inevitable and only makes your successes greater.
The step onto that boat, the step out of that car for that hike, out of that house to that never ending beach with watery curvatures waiting. This is what is there.

This is what makes me feel alive.

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence." Ansel Adams