Andrea Enzio, Alpine Guide

A short account about an immense passion for mountains. Andrea Enzio is an alpine guide in Alagna Vlasesia at the foot of Monte Rosa. He descends from a very old family of Walser alpine guides.


There are 7 alpine guides in our family. My father and his three brothers, then me, my brother and a cousin.
My father’s career began as a cook in the Gnifetti hut on Monte Rosa and the passion for mountains and for working as an alpine guide only came later.
My parents never pushed me into becoming an alpine guide. On the contrary, my mother especially wanted me to continue with my studies.
As soon as I finished studying I just had to go climbing.
In summer I used to climb every single day. My birthday is in May and in the September following my 18th birthday, my mother’s brother, who at that time was a head guide and who looked after the applications for the guide course told me: “Now is the moment if you want to try, because if you don’t pass now, sooner or later you will! You’ve got your whole life ahead of you!” So I tried and it all went well.
This passion of mine is like a sort of madness and, only with the passing of the years, are you able to see things more clearly!