An interview with Phil Brown

What outdoor activity is your passion?
Camping would be my #1 passion since it’s often the starting point for adventures.


How did you get involved in that activity, and how old were you when you started?
My parents got my family involved in camping from a young age. My brother and I were maybe 5 or 6 when we first camped in a tent.


What was the most epic trip you’ve ever taken?
My most epic trip began by cancelling another potentially epic trip to Glacier National Park and booking a campsite in Devil’s Kitchen Campground located in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. To reach the primitive campground by vehicle meant navigating a gnarly 4X4 road. The campground had a maze of slot canyons formed by gigantic split rocks. My (now) wife and I spent 3 days hiking and exploring all the trails in the area and scrambling up the down rocks and canyons. The Park Rangers that patrol and camp in this area were very friendly and helpful.


What is the most important piece of gear in your pack? (other than AKU footwear, of course!)
A map of the where I’m exploring should always be #1.


Where do you hope your AKUs will take you in the future?
I hope my AKUs will take me to Glacier National Park to backpack for a week. A short-term goal is to hike several sections of the Colorado Trail in 2019.


What AKU boots are you currently wearing?
I’m rocking a pair of AKU Sendera GTX’s that I’ve had for a while. They’re crazy comfortable with amazing grip.